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Keon, Creator of Millennial Soul Food, is an Ifá Initiate, Spiritual Life & Business Coach, Tarot Reader, Cultural Sociologist and Digital Strategist based in New Orleans, Louisiana. They grew up in rural Mississippi, where they cultivated most of their knowledge and experience related to their spiritual practices. A number of spiritual and occult philosophies inform their work including (but not limited to) Christianity, Mississippi & New Orleans Hoodoo, and Buddhism. They are from a lineage of intuitives and learned to appreciate their gifts (and how to season food) from their grandmother.


Keon is the founder of Millennial Soul Food, a web platform that they created to facilitate healing, as their mission’s work is to help usher humanity into a higher vibratory state of consciousness. In their coaching and tarot consultations, clients work through emotional and spiritual blocks to facilitate personal and professional growth.

Keon Dillon has a B.A. in Latin American Studies from the University of Mississippi and a Master's Degree in Sociology with a focus in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan. 

Millennial Soul Food Podcast

The Millennial Soul Food podcast is hosted by Keon Dillon aka Keyoncé, a Spiritual Life and Business Coach, Cultural Sociologist, Tarot Reader and Cosmonaut based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Food for the Mind, Body, and Soul, the show is all about the Occult Arts, Spirituality, and Tarot from Keyoncé’s Black, Queer, Southern perspective.

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Tarot Consultations

Live Tarot Reading 
(40 mins. or 1 hour)

Sessions are broken up into three parts: 1) discussion of topic of interest or advice, 2) pulling of cards + detailed explanation of how spread relates to specific situation of inquiry 3) discussion of an action plan for short and/or long term change!

*All Live Readings Done Via Video. Link Will Be Sent Shortly Before Appointment*

Video Recorded Reading

Please limit one question per reading, the videos last in duration for an average of 8-10 minutes, so have a notebook handy for taking notes! 

Video recorded readings will be sent to the email provided within 48 hours of booking the appointment. I will send you a private link to the video once it’s complete. 

Note, these are not live readings. Thank you!

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MSF Creative Consulting 
Digital Content Strategy

Social Media and Digital Content Strategy for creative entrepreneurs and/ or organizations looking to grow an online presence. This also includes consulting on the process of developing creative content such as

Youtube videos, podcasts, webinars, etc.

Services Include:


Compile and analyze Google, Facebook, and Instagram analytical data to make marketing decisions on what content to post, experiences to share, and how to make content most engaging for client’s target audience.


Work with clientele to define Key Performance Indicators, target audience, clarify brand voice and identify other opportunities to improve content.


Consult with clients to implement content development and work processes to reach business or organization’s goals efficiently


Create framework for articulating organization’s voice and tone through copywriting that aligned with organization’s values



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