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Millennial Soul Food Podcast



Keon, Creator of Millennial Soul Food, is an Ifá Initiate, Spiritual Life & Business Coach, Tarot Reader, Cultural Sociologist and Digital Strategist based in Atlanta, Georgia. They grew up in rural Mississippi, where they cultivated most of their knowledge and experience related to their spiritual practices. A number of spiritual and occult philosophies inform their work including (but not limited to) Christianity, Mississippi & New Orleans Hoodoo, and Buddhism. They are from a lineage of intuitives and learned to appreciate their gifts (and how to season food) from their grandmother. In 2021, they were initiated into Ifá Isese in their ancestral land of New Orleans, Louisiana.


Keon is the founder of Millennial Soul Food, a web platform that they created to facilitate healing, as their mission’s work is to help usher humanity into a higher vibratory state of consciousness. In their coaching and tarot consultations, clients work through emotional and spiritual blocks to facilitate personal and professional growth.

Keon Dillon has a B.A. in Latin American Studies from the University of Mississippi and a Master's Degree in Sociology with a focus in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan. 

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