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My Top 3 Uncrossing Jinxes Spells

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

“Crossing” ⁣- means hexing, jinxing, or inflicting effects of evil eye 🧿 ⁣

Even if you don’t think you’ve been hexed or crossed, this can be good to do period. Especially if you experience, racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ability discrimination, and/ or any of all the -isms. We pick up a lot of lower vibration energy everyday unconsciously...especially through social media!

Uncrossing Floor Wash

Make a hyssop tea and add this to your floor washes to remove trivial jinxes or hexes. Recite Psalms 51 while mopping and dispose of water at a Crossroads⁣

Purify Your Home

Mix powdered angelica root, Peaceful Home Incense (See Home Protection Reel) & salt. Sprinkle some in corner of each room and a pinch outside at each corner of building.⁣

To Protect From Crossings

Carry mint in your shoe or put some in your mojo bag with calamus and High John The Conqueror Root ⁣

Additional tip: Use a reversal candle

I LOVE burning reversal candles. You can pray Psalm 51 on them and also write your favorite sigils on them using a dry erase or permanent marker. Clove, garlic, and star anise are great to use for reversal spell work and to ward off evil.

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