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Bonfires and Candle Magic: Embracing the Light in the Darkness (Samhain series)

Bonfires and candle magic are powerful ways to embrace the transformative energy of Samhain and symbolize the light within the darkness.

To incorporate bonfires and candle magic into your Samhain celebration:

  • If you have access to a safe outdoor space, consider lighting a bonfire. Bonfires have long been associated with Samhain and serve as a beacon for spirits and a source of warmth and light.

  • If an outdoor bonfire isn't feasible, create a sacred space indoors where you can safely light candles. Choose candles in colors that resonate with Samhain, such as black, orange, or deep red.

  • As you light the bonfire or candles, set your intention for the evening. It could be protection, transformation, or guidance for the coming year.

  • Engage in meditation or visualization as you focus on the flames. Imagine any negative energy or obstacles being consumed by the fire, leaving you purified and renewed.

  • Incorporate candle magic by carving symbols or words of intention into candles, then watch as they burn, releasing your desires and intentions into the universe.

Bonfires and candle magic represent the powerful energy of light and transformation during Samhain. They serve as a reminder that even in the darkest moments, there is a spark of light and hope.


This is a comprehensive 1 hr workshop taught by yours truly, Keyoncé, Creator of Millennial Soul Food. You’ll learn the fundamentals of safely communicating with your highest and most benevolent spirit guides and ancestors to deepen your connection, recognize signs, spiritual protection, and more.

Here’s an outline of what'll be covered:

  • Do you have to be psychic to do ancestor veneration or to work with your spirit guides? (Short Answer…No)

  • Dispelling fears of your ancestors and spirit guides? How do you know who you’re talking to?

  • Types of Spirit Guides: Guardian Angels, Ascended Master, Departed Loved Ones, and 3 others…

  • Easy Strategies for building a relationship with your ancestors and spirit guides

  • Basic Elements of an ancestor altar

  • 3 Types of Candles and their uses

  • How to Use Petition Paper

  • Setting Up Your Ancestor or Spirit Guide Altar

  • Ritual and Ceremony: Detailed Instructions for carrying out your veneration ceremony!

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