Hoodoo 101: Simple Love Attraction Bath Recipe

Updated: Oct 13

Use a Love Attraction bath in your own self-love workings or if you're looking to attract the love of your life. Work with the planet Venus on a Friday and during the Venus hour to infuse it with all the amazing planetary energy! I like to use [link - Planetary Hour Calculator] to figure out the exact time and day.

Gather all your ingredients into a bowl:

[put in something historic about Roses - name which specific god or goddess that was popular during that time]

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gather all your ingredients into a bowl

  • Rose petals⁣

  • Vanilla beans or a few drops of vanilla extract ⁣

  • Basil leaves⁣

  • Chamomile ⁣

  • Ginger⁣

  • Damiana ⁣

  • Hibiscus flowers ⁣