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Costumes and Masks: Channeling Transformation (Samhain Series)

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

The practice of wearing costumes and masks during Samhain is a way to connect with the transformative energy of the season. It allows you to embody different aspects of yourself and embrace change and personal growth.

To embrace costumes and masks during Samhain:

  • Select a costume or mask that resonates with you and reflects a facet of your identity or a transformative aspect of your life.

  • Consider the symbolism behind your chosen attire. Are you embodying a specific archetype, a mythical figure, or a representation of your inner self?

  • As you don your costume or mask, set an intention for the transformation you wish to embrace during Samhain. It could be related to personal growth, shedding old patterns, or manifesting new beginnings.

  • Engage in meditation or ritual while wearing your costume or mask. Visualize yourself embodying the qualities and energies associated with your chosen attire. Feel the transformation taking place within you.

Costumes and masks also have a practical significance during Samhain. In ancient traditions, people believed that wearing masks or disguises would protect them from malevolent spirits that might roam the Earth during this time. This symbolic act can help you feel more secure and empowered as you navigate the spiritual energies of Samhain.

Additionally, costumes and masks can serve as a form of self-expression and creativity. They allow you to explore different facets of your identity and embrace the fluidity of your inner self. Samhain is a time of change and transition, and wearing costumes and masks can be a way to symbolize and celebrate your own personal transformations.

By incorporating costumes and masks into your Samhain celebration, you're not only connecting with the transformative energy of the season but also embracing the opportunity for personal growth and self-expression.


This is a comprehensive 1 hr workshop taught by yours truly, Keyoncé, Creator of Millennial Soul Food. You’ll learn the fundamentals of safely communicating with your highest and most benevolent spirit guides and ancestors to deepen your connection, recognize signs, spiritual protection, and more.

Here’s an outline of what'll be covered:

  • Do you have to be psychic to do ancestor veneration or to work with your spirit guides? (Short Answer…No)

  • Dispelling fears of your ancestors and spirit guides? How do you know who you’re talking to?

  • Types of Spirit Guides: Guardian Angels, Ascended Master, Departed Loved Ones, and 3 others…

  • Easy Strategies for building a relationship with your ancestors and spirit guides

  • Basic Elements of an ancestor altar

  • 3 Types of Candles and their uses

  • How to Use Petition Paper

  • Setting Up Your Ancestor or Spirit Guide Altar

  • Ritual and Ceremony: Detailed Instructions for carrying out your veneration ceremony!

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