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cultivate existing love with clove oil

Clove oil is a multi-purpose oil that's associated with the planetary energies of Jupiter and the element of fire. For love workings, I like to use 5 ingredients.

I recommend that you do a banishing and cleansing ritual before and after this ritual.

You'll need the following:

  • Two pink figurine candles (the candles can be whatever gender you prefer!)

  • Clove oil

  • Ground cinnamon

  • Ground cardamom

  • Dried Rose petals

  • Magnetic sand

Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl.

Anoint your pink figurine candles with the clove oil , rubbing towards yourself because your goal is attraction.

Once the candles have been covered in the oil, place them in the bowl and make sure they're thoroughly covered with the dried ingredients.

Place the two candles in front of each other within close proximity on your love altar. (Feel free to spray some cologne or perfume).

Light the candles (add a bit of clove oil to your hands and rub them together to anoint them).

Next, place your hands around the candles and envision warm, loving energy between the candles figurines and repeat one of the following mantras for five minutes while focusing on the candles. Feel free to chant, sing it, or whisper it but try to hold concentration for at least five minutes:

  • "Our love is growing stronger every day, nurturing us both."

  • "We communicate openly and honestly, deepening our bond and understanding."

  • "I am grateful for the love and joy that [Name] brings into my life, and I reciprocate with the same affection."

Let the candles burn down.


MSF Holy Clove 777 Hoodoo Oil is great for love workings!

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