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Divination and Tarot: Gaining Insight and Guidance (samhain series)

Samhain's energy, with its thinning of the veil between worlds, makes it an ideal time for divination and tarot readings. This practice allows you to tap into your intuition and gain insight into the year ahead.

Here's how to engage in divination and tarot during Samhain:

  • Find a quiet and focused space where you won't be disturbed.

  • Light a candle or incense to create a sacred ambiance.

  • Prepare your tarot cards or chosen divination tools, ensuring they are cleansed and charged.

  • Set a clear intention for your reading, whether it's seeking guidance on a specific issue or gaining general insights for the coming year.

  • Shuffle the cards while concentrating on your question or intention.

  • As you draw the cards or use your divination tool, pay close attention to your intuition and the subtle messages that emerge. Trust your inner guidance as you interpret the symbolism and energy of the cards.

Consider asking questions related to personal growth, relationships, or any challenges you may be facing. Samhain's spiritual energy can offer profound insights and clarity, making this practice particularly potent during this season.

Divination during Samhain allows you to harness the mystical energy of this time, providing you with valuable guidance and a deeper connection to your spiritual path.


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