Beginner's Candle Magick 101 (Werk It!)

Updated: Oct 13

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For hundreds of years, candle magick has been a staple in Hoodoo. This was taken from the european influences of Catholicism, principally.

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Choose a Specific Color

Colors have specific frequencies and metaphysical properties to help attract particular energies or spirits related to your goal. For instance, across cultures, red is a color of intensity and passion. This is also reflected in the astral world. Our auras also emit different types of colors that have specific meanings but that’s another post. I normally only use green, white, or black but I thought the graphic shows some interesting approaches to different candle colors. ⁣

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Cleanse Your Candle

You want to cleanse your candle in order to remove any residual energy that could weigh down or inhibit the success of your working. Also, it's respectful to your spirits to cleanse the tools that you'll be using. Use what you have! You can even make a simple mixture of salt and water in order to create a cleansing mixture. Pray over the water to make it holy water.