🌞 Hoodoo Gospel Sundays: Balm of Gilead🌞⁣

[mention something about Balm of Gilead]

The Bible mentions the Balm of Gilead

Gen. 37:25⁣

Genesis 43:11⁣

Jeremiah 8:22⁣

Ezekiel 27:17⁣

Kings 10:10⁣

Protect Against Evil Eye 🧿

Carry two matching pairs of Balm of Gilead buds in a mojo bag to protect against hexes, jinxed, and hexes.⁣

To Mend a Broken Friendship 💔

Steep Balm of Gilead in wine for a day, strain and share it with the person with whom you wish to reconcile a relationship.⁣

Put an End to Sexual Discord 💦

(bring peace and foster positive ways to manage conflicts in your relationship): Place a pair of Balm of Gilead buds in each of the four corners of the bedroom and a fifth pair under the bed. Pray any Psalms related to peace, happiness, and protection.⁣