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How to Charge Crystals in Moonlight

Charging crystals under the light of the full moon is a simple yet potent practice. Here's how to do it:

Choose Your Crystals

Select the crystals you wish to charge. Ensure they are cleansed and free of any lingering energies.

Find a Sacred Space

Locate a serene and safe outdoor or windowsill area where your crystals can bask in the moonlight, preferably on the night of the full moon.

Set Intentions

Before placing your crystals out, take a moment to set your intentions. What specific energies or qualities do you want your crystals to absorb?


Arrange your crystals in a way that maximizes their exposure to the moonlight. You can use a cloth or a sacred space to create a dedicated charging altar.

Allow Nature's Magic

Leave your crystals outside or on your windowsill overnight. Let them soak in the moon's energy, absorbing its powerful vibrations.

Morning Collection

In the morning, collect your crystals. They will now be infused with the energy of the Harvest Full Moon, carrying its enhanced spiritual potency.


Get To Know Your Ancestors & Spirit Guides 101

Here’s an outline of materials that’ll be covered:

  • Do you have to be psychic to do ancestor veneration or to work with your spirit guides? (Short Answer…No)

  • Dispelling fears of your ancestors and spirit guides? How do you know who you’re talking to?

  • Types of Spirit Guides: Guardian Angels, Ascended Master, Departed Loved Ones, and 3 others…

  • Easy Strategies for building a relationship with your ancestors and spirit guides

  • Basic Elements of an ancestor altar

  • 3 Types of Candles and their uses

  • How to Use Petition Paper

  • Setting Up Your Ancestor or Spirit Guide Altar

  • Ritual and Ceremony: Detailed Instructions for carrying out your veneration ceremony!


Abundance and Prosperity Workings & Spells 101

Inspired by the book Financial Sorcery by Jason Miller and reviews the following:

  • Gaining Perspective on your Current Financial Situation

  • Money as Spirit

  • Items for your Altar

  • Planetary Magick

  • Working with Saints

  • Rules for Working with Spirits

  • Job-Finding Magic

  • and more!

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