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MSF Hoodoo Oil: Evil Eye & Hateration Reversal Oil

Introducing MSF Hoodoo Oil: Evil Eye & Hateration Reversal!

Elevate your New Year cleansing rituals with our powerful concoction, the Evil Eye & Hateration Reversal Oil. This large 2-ounce bottle is your go-to solution for breaking curses, jinxes, and hexes, transforming a streak of bad luck into a wave of positive fortune. Kickstart the new year right with the potent blend of time-tested herbs and mystical ingredients designed to cleanse and purify.

Key Ingredients

  • Hyssop: An ancient biblical herb renowned for its efficacy as a cleansing and purifying agent, Hyssop sets the stage for spiritual renewal and protection.

  • Camphor: A potent cleansing agent with psychic benefits, Camphor enhances the purifying properties of the oil, creating a shield against negative energies.

  • Agrimony: Turn back jinxes, nullify curses, and draw business opportunities your way with Agrimony. It's not just a reversal agent; it's a charm for attracting prosperity.

  • Dragon's Blood: A lucky curio with unparalleled qualities, Dragon's Blood wards off evil forces and brings back good luck, especially in matters of money and love.

  • Vetiver Root: Known for its ability to reverse curses and boost self-esteem, Vetiver Root is an entrepreneur's ally, drawing in business and fostering a positive self-image.

  • And a blend of secret ingredients: Our proprietary mix of secret ingredients enhances the oil's potency, ensuring its effectiveness in reversing negative energies.

How to Use

  • Spiritual Baths: Add a few drops to your bathwater to purify your spirit and cleanse yourself of negativity.

  • Anointing: Gently anoint your body with this powerful oil to create a protective barrier against curses and negative energies.

  • Anoint your candles with it!

Ensure your New Year begins on a positive note by incorporating MSF Hoodoo Oil into your cleansing rituals. Shipping begins on January 20th, so pre-order now and set the stage for a year filled with good luck, prosperity, and positive energy!

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