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Offerings and Prayers: Communicating with the Ancestors (Fet Gede Series)

Offering prayers and words of gratitude is a fundamental part of celebrating Fet Gede. It's a way to communicate with your ancestors and express your love and respect for them. During your solitary observance, take time to engage in this heartfelt practice.

Begin by offering prayers that acknowledge the presence of your ancestors. Address them by name, if you know them, or simply as "ancestors" if you don't have specific names. Speak to them with sincerity and reverence, as if they were physically present with you.

Share your thoughts and feelings with your ancestors. Tell them about your life, your challenges, and your accomplishments. Open your heart and express your gratitude for their guidance and protection throughout your journey.

You can also seek their blessings and ask for their continued support in your life's endeavors. They are there to listen, guide, and watch over you, even in their spiritual form.

As you offer your prayers and speak to your ancestors, remember that this is a sacred moment of connection. Be open to receiving their presence and any intuitive messages or insights they may offer in return. Your words and intentions carry great power during this ritual, strengthening your bond with your ancestral spirits.


This is a comprehensive 1 hr workshop taught by yours truly, Keyoncé, Creator of Millennial Soul Food. You’ll learn the fundamentals of safely communicating with your highest and most benevolent spirit guides and ancestors to deepen your connection, recognize signs, spiritual protection, and more.

Here’s an outline of what'll be covered:

  • Do you have to be psychic to do ancestor veneration or to work with your spirit guides? (Short Answer…No)

  • Dispelling fears of your ancestors and spirit guides? How do you know who you’re talking to?

  • Types of Spirit Guides: Guardian Angels, Ascended Master, Departed Loved Ones, and 3 others…

  • Easy Strategies for building a relationship with your ancestors and spirit guides

  • Basic Elements of an ancestor altar

  • 3 Types of Candles and their uses

  • How to Use Petition Paper

  • Setting Up Your Ancestor or Spirit Guide Altar

  • Ritual and Ceremony: Detailed Instructions for carrying out your veneration ceremony!

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