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To Use Internet Spells Or Not

Updated: Sep 18

I know people say not to use the internet to research spell work tbh I believe that’s only AFTER you’ve developed a sense of fundamentals. I have a few ground rules for my practices that help keep me safe:

Stick to planetary energies or ascended masters

Jupiter and Venus are generally pretty benevolent planets to work with for love, abundance, and prosperity workings. I advise approaching Mars and Saturn with a bit more caution.

Ascended Masters are individuals who learned essential karmic lessons that allowed them to be elevated above our 3rd dimension to act as intercessory spirits in service to humanity. These are figures such as Jesus and Buddha. Thus, they are great beings to pray to because they are benevolent and generally very nice and won't try to trick you. Remember, there are lots of spirits. They may have ulterior motives or other motivations for using you as a way to gain access to a particular energy or experience, which is why you need to be careful and not be like the "New Age to Christians."

Don’t mix traditions

Yes, syncretism is a thing (the cultural blending of two spiritual traditions), but to be on the safe side, I don’t do it. For instance, I don’t mix Ifa and Hoodoo, although Hoodoo has a lot of elements in common with Ifa. They are still different in my book.

working with deities

If you are working with deities, make sure they don’t hate each other lmao and give them their due respect. Don’t go putting a Santisima Muerte status on the same table with St. Expedite, that’s just plain disrespectful.

Every deity has a particular experience, a particular cultural history and might naturally have conflicts due to this. Remember this when working with particular types of spirits.

These are MY rules. Other people can do what I want. I have a lot of Saturn placements and hold that planet dear to my heart, so I like to keep my metaphysical boundaries clear.

Other than following these rules, the rest is open game! I love going on an extended search for workings over the internet and getting validation from my spirit guides that it’s just what I needed. We’re moving into the Age of Aquarius, of CyberWitchery…get into it. There’s so much great information on the internet, just make sure you develop your own foundation before getting in over your head.

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