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What's In the Louisiana Voodoo Nights Oil?

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Louisiana Voodoo Nights Oil, a captivating fragrance crafted under the Full Moon on November 27, 2023. Inspired by creole Spiritist Denise Alvarado, this unisex oil blends earthy, smooth notes of vetiver, pine, vanilla, and citrus. Perfect for winter nights, its deeply sensual scent is designed for love and sex spells with purple, red, and pink candles. Reserved for the mystique of the night, the oil unveils its magical charm, creating an alluring aura when worn outdoors.

Key Features:

  • Crafted under the Full Moon on November 27, 2023, enhancing its mystical allure.

  • Earthy and smooth fragrance with notes of vetiver, pine, vanilla, citrus, almond, clove, myrrh, and patchouli.

  • Tailored for love and sex spells when used with purple, red, and pink candles.

  • Exclusive for nighttime wear, unveiling its magical charm during the quiet hours.

  • Inspired by creole Spiritist Denise Alvarado, author of the Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook.

  • Creates an alluring aura when worn outside, making it perfect for winter weather.

More about some of the key ingredients in this enchanted oil:


  • Grounding Energies: Vetiver, with its earthy and grounding aroma, is used in Hoodoo to bring stability and balance to spiritual practices.

  • Protection: Believed to have protective qualities, vetiver is often employed to create a shield against negative forces and to ward off unwanted energies.

  • Root Chakra Activation: In Hoodoo, vetiver is associated with the root chakra, symbolizing a connection to the Earth and grounding one's spiritual energy.



Protective Shield: Myrrh, a fragrant resin in Hoodoo, is revered for its protective qualities. Practitioners believe it acts as a shield against negative energies and spiritual harm.

Amplifying Intentions: The rich aroma of myrrh is believed to amplify intentions, making it an essential component for practitioners seeking to deepen their spiritual connections and strengthen the potency of their magical workings.

Invocation of the Sacred: With its deep-rooted connection to the sacred, myrrh is used in Hoodoo to invoke a sense of the divine. Its inclusion in rituals contributes to the creation of a sacred space and a heightened spiritual atmosphere.



  • Warding Off Negative Energies: Clove is valued in Hoodoo for its ability to create a protective barrier against negative energies and malevolent influences.

  • Guardian Energy: Hoodoo practitioners often use clove to invoke a sense of guardian energy, creating a shield around themselves or their space.



  • Purification and Cleansing: Pine, with its crisp and invigorating scent, is used in Hoodoo for purification and cleansing rituals, removing stagnant or negative energies.

  • Connection to Nature: Pine is associated with nature and the outdoors, serving as a conduit for connecting with natural forces and spirits.



  • Sweetening Influence: Vanilla's sweet and comforting scent is utilized in Hoodoo for its ability to sweeten relationships, attract love, and enhance feelings of warmth and kindness.

  • Enhanced Psychic Abilities: Vanilla is thought to have properties that stimulate psychic abilities and intuition, making it a popular choice for spiritual endeavors.



  • Cleansing and Purification: Lime's fresh and citrusy aroma is employed in Hoodoo for cleansing and purifying spaces, objects, and individuals.

  • Banishing Negativity: Lime is believed to have the power to banish negativity and ward off malevolent influences, making it a valuable tool in protective rituals.



  • Grounding and Centering: Patchouli's earthy and musky fragrance is known for its grounding properties, helping practitioners center their energy and focus during rituals.

  • Attraction and Prosperity: In Hoodoo, patchouli is often used to attract prosperity, abundance, and love. It is believed to enhance the magnetic quality of one's intentions.


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